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A bee package is a wooden frame box with screen on two sides. It is used to transport bees to a new hive. Packages are sold by the pound. There are roughly 3500 bees per pound so a three pound package contains around 10,000 bees. Inside the package is a feeding can filled with a syrup mixture. This is used to feed the bees while in transport. There is also a small wooden box with a screen on one side. This box holds a queen and a few worker bees to attend to her while on the trip. The queen will not have a mark on her. This small wooden box has a cork on one end and is suspended from the top of the package. Bee packages do not contain drawn out frames.

Unmarked Bee Package

  • When you order package bees from Double B Apiary & Farm, you agree to the following policies, contract terms, conditions, limitations, and exceptions.

    Double B Apiary & Farm makes every attempt to have your bees ready for pickup on the scheduled date; however, due to factors that are outside of our control, including bad weather, we may need to rearrange scheduled dates. These dates will be listed on Facebook Page ( as soon as we know them if this does happen, and an email or text will be sent to every customer who has placed an order. We will not refund any money for packages that do not arrive on the scheduled date as long as we have provided an alternative date.

    Each customer is responsible for picking up their bees at the time specified, or making arrangements to have a friend/family member pick them up. Double B Apiary & Farm will not give refunds to anyone who does not get their bees picked up on the specified day.

    Package bees and the risk of loss of the bees and the queen inside become the responsibility of the customer at the time of pick up. Double B Apiary & Farm cannot guarantee the successful establishment of the package of bees, and we will not refund any money or give any future discounts for package bees that do not survive. You agree that you will not attempt to hold Double B Apiary & Farm responsible for whatever may happen to your package after it has been picked up by you, or for the survival or productivity of the hive that you may establish from the package.

    Package bees are guaranteed to contain 3 or more pounds of bees for a 3 pound package when the package is prepared and will not have more than one inch of dead bees when spread evenly across the bottom of the package upon customer pickup. Queens are guaranteed to be alive upon pick up but are not guaranteed to be successfully introduced to or will be accepted by your hive. Many factors influence queen introduction success, particularly the specific methods and apicultural techniques you employ when introducing a queen. You also agree that Double B Apiary & Farm will not be responsible for queen survival in your hive, or for the condition or productivity of your hive after introduction. Queens and risk of their loss become the responsibility of the customer at the time of pick up.

    Double B Apiary & Farm offers a quality guarantee on each package of honey bees. If not completely satisfied with the package at the time of pick up, the customer does not have to accept the package, and they can have a complete refund of their purchase price. The customer must accept the package OR the complete refund; we do not allow anyone to have a complete refund AND keep the package(s). All packages are the same and will be handed out in turn; we do not have time to sort through the packages to find the one that the customer is most happy with. The highest quality guarantee ends when the customer leaves with the package(s) of bees, anything that happens with the package at that time and thereafter is totally the customer's responsibility.

    There is potential risk of injury from activities involved in beekeeping, and while particular rules, equipment and personal care may reduce the risk, the risk of injury does exist; and YOU KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES or others, and assume full responsibility for your participation; and, HEREBY RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS Double B Apiary & Farm, their officers, other participants, and if applicable, owner and lessors of the premises ("RELEASEES") used to conduct any event, WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, WHETHER ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASED OR OTHERWISE

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